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+ Reverie, Snowflakes, Sharlene Wallace, harp, In Night's Deep Silence, 2016

Notes on "Beautiful," Anthony de Mare, piano, ECM New Series, 2470-72, 2015

+ The Black Domino, Adrian Verdejo, electric and bass guitars, Redshift Music, TK429, 2014

+ Apollo's Touch, Kirk Brundage, vibraphone, Kirk Brundage, 2014 

+ The Black Domino, Adrian Verdejo, electric and bass guitars, Redshift Music, TK42 2014

+ Pavane, Galliard and Variations, Standing Wave, Redshift Music, TK427 2013

+ The Garden, Anthony de Mare, piano/voice, innova 241, 2010

+ Love (from Love, Beauty, Desire), musica intima, ATMA Classique, ACD2 2613, 2010

+ Mercurio dal ciel in terra, Rachel Kiyo Iwassa, piano, Redshift Music, TK423, 2010

+ Apollo's Touch, Jonny Axelsson, vibraphone, japr001, 2008

+ Incantation, Kathleen McLean, bassoon, Accordes String Quartet, Erica Goodman, harp, KOM MUSIC WRC8-8050, 2008

+ Arsis and Thesis, Mark Takeshi McGregor, flute, Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano, Redshift Music, TK421, 2007

+ Apollo's Touch, Richard Sacks , solo vibraphone, ARTifact, ART-037, 2007

+ Tobacco Road, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, voice, Chris Gestrin, piano, Conspiracy - Art Songs for Improvisors KHV 003, 2006

+ Voyageur, Thalia Myers, piano; Usk Recordings, USK 1227CDD, 2005

+ Intermezzo I (Wiegenlied), Intermezzo I (Truerarbeit), Juergen Ruck, guitar, Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm, MDG 603 1341-2, 2005

+ At Dusk, Michael Sweeney, bassoon, Seiler strings and friends, Aficondo, A.34401, 2004

+ Winter Solstice, The University Singers, Bruce Pullan, conductor, A Vancouver Christmas, Orpheum Masters KSP 890, 2003

+ Kore, Colin Tilney, harpsichordJewels, Doremi Recordings, DDR-71140, 2002

+ The Anglo Tango, Thalia Myers, piano, Spectrum 3, 25 Contemporary Works for Solo Piano from around the Globe, MET CD 1053, Metronome Recordings Ltd., 2001

+ Sleeping Beauty, ARRAYMUSIC, Michael Baker, conductor, ARTifact, 025, 2001

+ Anthem: Passing of the Claimant, Musica Intima, VSO records, VSO 102, 2000

+ Opera Transcriptions: La Rondine, Carmen, Ortwin Stürmer, Piano, Ars Musici, AM 1148-2, 1997

+ Opera Transcriptions: La Rondine, Turandot, Carmen, Madama Butterfly, Louise Bessette, piano, DO 262, 1998

+ Cordes Vides, Companion Piece, Erica Goodman, harp, BIS, 1994 (Winner, Juno Award, Best Classical Album, solo and chamber category)

+ Dark Glasses, ARRAYMUSIC, Michael Baker, conductor, ARTifact, ART 004, 1991

+ The Proximity of Mars, Ensemble SMCQ, Walter Boudreau, conductor, RCI, 1989

+ Erstarrung, VNMS Ensemble, Owen Underhill, conductor, Centrediscs, 1989