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Violin Concerto (2011)

Violin Concerto (2011) is in two movements: andanteand allegro. The first movement is primarily lyrical; most of the melodic material is introduced by the violin. The second movement is a perpetuum mobile: rapid repeated notes and figures combined and contrasted with with transformed music from the first movement. There is an important timpani part, something this concerto shares with the Violin Concerto of Beethoven. The timpani is used as accompaniment, contrast, and orchestral soloist. The timpani's music introduces an element of wabi-sabi, a Japanese Buddhist aesthetic that recognizes that nothing is permanent, nothing is complete, nothing is perfect. It is achieved through the deliberate disruption of the lyrical calm set by the violin in the first movement and to theperpetuum mobile in the second movement. This piece was written as part of my residency with the Victoria Symphony and especially for soloist Jonathan Crow, to whom the concerto is dedicated. Its composition was funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts.