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Requiescat (2015)

Requiescat (2015) is a setting for mixed choir of Oscar Wilde's poem from 1881-82. In its quiet simplicity, Wilde's lyric poem embodies his deep sense of loss at the death of his young sister, Isola, who died two months before her tenth birthday in 1867, when Wilde was twelve years old. 

Requiescat was commissioned by Brian Wismath and Vox Humana through the generosity of the Greater Victoria Capitol Region.

                              - Rodney Sharman



by: Oscar Wilde


Tread lightly, she is near

Under the snow,

Speak gently, she can hear

The daisies grow.


All her bright golden hair

Tarnished with rust,

She that was young and fair

Fallen to dust.


Lily-like, white as snow,

She hardly knew

She was a woman, so

Sweetly she grew.


Coffin-board, heavy stone,

Lie on her breast,

I vex my heart alone,

She is at rest.


Peace, peace, she cannot hear

Lyre or sonnet,

All my life's buried here,

Heap earth upon it.