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At Dusk

"At Dusk (2003) for solo bassoon, harp, timpani and strings, was written at the request of soloist Michael Sweeney, to whom it is dedicated. It is an adaptation of Nocturne for bassoon and piano, written for Vancouver bassoonist, Christopher Millard. 
"When I write for the bassoon as a solo instrument, I am haunted by the words of a colleague: 'Ah, but the bassoon has a soul!' With its enormous range, and warm, dark, somehow plaintive sound, I have no doubt his words are true." - Rodney Sharman

Completed in May of 2003, At Dusk was premièred on June 9, 2003 at Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto by Michael Sweeney with The Seiler Strings (Mayumi Seiler, leader).